How to Make Yourself Awesome in Prom Photos

Prom will be one of the most important memories of ours, and photos are the proof of it, so you must make yourself look perfect in these photos, there will be no regret when you look back on your prom photos for years to come.

cute girls in prom party

Let’s following super models and photographers to learn how to look very best in every prom photo you take:

learn to pose from supermodel

DOS: Pose with confidence, like you’re wearing the most expensive prom dresses like a popular star. Elongate your neck, straightening your spine and keeping your shoulders back and down slightly, tilt your shoulder blades slightly toward each other.

DON’T slouch;

beautiful prom dresses with perfect pose

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A hand on the hip and a slight knee bend is easy to pop into if you suddenly into the camera of your mom or your friends; it is also the most popular red carpet poses.

DON’ T cross your arms in front of you. It closes you off and hides your dress.

the easiest way to pop into with prom dresses

If you want to show off your curves, look head-on into the camera, then pivot so your butt is facing the camera as well, with head tossed over your shoulder, so one side of your cheek would be pointing toward the lens; this pose can work for all body shape.

show off curve pose in prom dresses

If you’re rocking a high-low hem prom dresses or there is a slit on your dress, and you want to show off your legs, kick up your leg, subtly lay your hands on your thighs.

show off legs pose with slit or high low prom dress

The best model poses show off your best side and the design of your dress; hope these help take your photos from so-so to ultra-glam.


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