Funny Minions Wedding Ideas

Thinking about have a semi formal wedding, an interesting wedding that all of your friends and family will enjoy your wedding day from start to end. And if you are fans of Minions, then the inspirations of have a Minions Wedding is what you are looking for.

funny minions wedding

About wedding color, the best colors for Minions themed wedding is blue and yellow. Blue groomsman suit, yellow bridesmaid dresses or yellow groomsman suit, blue bridesmaid dresses. They are all harmonious of the Minions around the wedding Venus.

bridesmaid dresses for Minions Wedding
Link of Floral One Shoulder Long Blue Bridesmaid dresses
short blue bridesmaid dresses for Minions wedding
Link of Short Blue One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses

Now is the inspiration of decoration with Minions.

beautiful Minions wedding cakes Minions wedding decorations funny Minions wedding deserts

It will be very interesting to let your favorite Minions witness your most important moment.

inspiration of Minions wedding party


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