Have a Crazy Hobbit Wedding

Do a crazy thing together with your lover on your wedding day, a hobbit themed wedding party is the one you’re searching. Have fun with your guests together according the film.

a funny Hobbit Wedding

About color theme, a hobbit wedding color can be decided by season or your favorite color;

Hobbit wedding color

According the foundation of the styled shoot, Bilbo Baggins reading the contract from the dwarves, handsome groom could reading a love letter from his bride-to-be instead;

groom reading love letters

Decorate your wedding Venus as close to the Hobbit with spongy moss bed, flowers and books, flush thick greens & natural vegetation.

hobbit wedding decorations of books hobbit wedding decoration flush thick greens decorate hobbit wedding with moss beds

The secret of having a funny Hobbit wedding is creating the overall vibe, reproduce that into your wedding.

hobbit wedding dresses
Hobbit wedding invitations
Retro Old Tree Wedding Invitations HPI010 hobbit wedding cakes
hobbit wedding cake toppers


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