How to Wear Pink Color

Pink color, the popular color of 2016, soft pink, gentle pink, vintage pink, all make you different. What a pity if you don’t try pink color. Now let’s see how to match pink on you?

NO.1 Pink Shirt + pencil skirt, simple and vital, elegant and grace;

The pink color with fluorescence color doesn’t for Asian girls, they will make your skin tone darker, instead flesh pink color will soft your skin tone make you look more elegance.


NO.2 Pink T-shirt and Blouse;

Pink + Green is a very good color combination, advanced elegance and quality;pink-and-green

Pink T-shirt with black loose pant, simple and capable and experienced, business suit without depressing;


Pink T-shirt with Jean pencil pant, plus white shoes, fresh and vital;


Pink hoodie with Jean and white shoes, preppy style!


NO.3 Pink Overskirt

Vintage point shirt with pink pencil skirt and black hollow high heel roman, sandal, how lady style!


White shirt match pink pleated skirt, fresh and beautiful, with a pair of white shoes, more causal.


Empire waist puff pink skirt, you look taller and skinnier.


NO.4 Pink Dresses, especially pink lace dresses, pretty and girly.



Click here for more pink prom dresses

NO.5 Pink Trousers

Pink and white, simple and fresh color matching, not only pink over skirt but also pink trousers white shirt is simple but fashion!


Even tailored suit in pink color is also full of energy; different from traditional suit’s dull and dry.



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