Most Chic Fashion Swimsuit 2017

Summer is loading; we can’t stop to the beach to embrace sunshine and wave. First of all we need a swimsuit; after reviewing photos of stars on the beach, we can find that the two-pieces bikini which is not fit for everybody is out of trends now. The instead is one-piece swimsuit, it fits everybody well with different design on the swimsuit. You don’t need to have perfect body shape, you will look perfect too. So as a fashionistas, it’s time to get one-piece swimsuit for your upcoming beach vacation.

two-piece and one-piece swimsuit

White color is the NO.1 color of swimwear this year; White color cans bright any skin tone. And obviously famous actress and super models all know this, they wear white one piece swimsuit appeared on our view. And also stars on INS to this too; with white stripe swimsuit you will look more fashion and slimmer.

white one piece swimsuit on Amazon
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For chubby girls, choose halter straps bikini with under-wired bra for maximum support, you bust will look beautiful.

halter straps one-piece swimsuit
black one-piece swimsuit for chubby girl

For flat girls, more curve more better. Olivia Palermo is the first I am thinking when talking about flat girl. It’s a disaster when she wearing two pieces bikini. To girls like Olivia Palermo you need a one-piece swimsuit with oblique cut to add curve.

Pleated, ruffled bikini is good for improving body curve; besides, off the shoulder flouncing style beachwear is perfect too.

one-piece swimsuit with reffled off the shoulder
rhombus print ruffled collar off the shoulder swimsuit

For apple body shape girls, choose swimsuit have patchwork on waist.

one-piece swimsuit with patch work on waist

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For pear body shape girls, consider bikini suit with dark color bottom and light color top, like white top+ black bottom;

one piece swimsuit for pearl body shape girls

And also please consider plunging V-neck top and size hollow out style swimwear, you figure will be slighter easily with sexy.

plunging v-neck one piece swimsuit for pearl shape girls

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Ankle Cuff You Should Have One This Year

Choker is already very popular and accepts by most of us, and we all know fashion is never endless, and now Ankle cuff comes, it is more fashion than choker.

new ankle bracelet fashion trends

It will be expensive to buy new trends shoes with ankle cuff; instead we can buy some anklet, simple normal high heels will become eye-catching at once easily.

ankle bracelets

And you don’t need to insist at mesh stocking and sneakers, mesh stockings ankle bracelet high heels is the new trend of the bellwether.

mesh stocking+ ankle bracelet+ high heels

You must be very curious about how to match ankle bracelet and shoes. Summarize the experience of fashionista, the best is Mules, no matter high heel or flat, toe open or not; and basic style shoes is good friends too.

mules and anklet

Considerate body shape of our normal, the best length is floor length or ninth length (long dresses or ninth pants, the ankle cuff on your ankle will be the surprise of your whole outfit.

best length to match ankle cuff

Wear Beautiful Bow

It is time to change your wardrobe to welcome spring, and then why not start with beautiful bows from head to toe.

cute bows on hair

  1. Hair band:

As a girl, it is necessary to learn to how to use bow knot on hair (slender or thick), it can be simply cute, it also can be charming sexy. What? You don’t have any hair band, don’t worry scarves also OK. Now tie up your hair with bows casual, enjoy the happy tea time with friends. hairstyles with bowknot

  1. Necklace and choker:

Speak of beauty of women, jewelry can’t be ignored. Bowknot on collar delicate full of girly.  Chokers in bow shape cute and cool, perfect for girls. And here comes, ribbon can be choker too, you will look more charming.

beautiful choker in bow shape

  1. Sleeves:

In fashion, designer love the bows, not just limited to hair and neck. No matter reveal or not reveal, you will surprise others with bows on the sleeves.

bows on sleeves

  1. Back:

Bows on back is the most popular details this year, it is mystique.

V shape Open back with bow tie up, No women can refuse it, SEXY AND ELEGANT, perfect for a dating.

open back shirt with bow knot tie up

  1. Shoes:

If you want to catch eyes unusual, consider a pair of shoes with bowknot.

shoes with bows

  1. Prom dresses with bows for girls to their dance party, check more style at dress with bow

Be a Chic Beautiful Bride

Wedding dresses with delicate umbrella, crystal, and veil, mix match these into your wedding; you will be the most sparkle bride on your wedding day.

Except superb wedding gowns, your wedding party can be same as runway show of Victoria Secret with the above details.

  1. A lace umbrella: what will happen when amazing wedding dress meet lace umbrella? From Reem Acra show, we can find it. It is more elegance than normal veil; you are a fairy who walks slowly from the picture. At same time sunscreen problem is solved. Fashion and practical for outdoor wedding.lace umbrella veils and wedding dressesdiy umbrella veil with lace umbrella
  2. LED, do you still remember the dress on Met Ball shine itself, it is so gorgeous. Of course we won’t recommend you add LED on your dress, it is a massive project. But we can     add LED somewhere else. On Reem Acra15 Show,designer twine LED and flowers into model’s hair, like fire fly hide on the forest ❤. Besides crown and LED is excellent too. LED is good partner for night wedding.LED hide on hair and crown
  3. Wear a cape, not type of fur for winter; it is more exquisite lace shawl. With fantastic shawl, bride can cover shortcoming of body, look more impressive. If you are a tall girl, change cape into full length to cloak, you absolutely a faery fell out from wonderland.fantastic shawl for brides
  4. Tattoo Sticker, tattoo is not synonym of bad girl now, tattoo can be personality and beautiful if you don’t have courage to have tattoo before wedding, then thinking tattoo sticker, I am sure you will love it. You can choose tattoo stickers according your wedding theme, wedding color; by the way it can also cover your flaw perfectly. Normal black, some watercolor and white color tattoo are befitting stickers for bride
  5. Barefoot Decorated your foot and ankle with various bare feet for beach wedding, lawn wedding and other outdoor wedding party. bare foot for brides

Do yourself, with these amazing details different your wedding from others proud.

Start your unique personality wedding start from unique wedding invitations and pretty bridesmaid dresses, your girls deserve better.

wedding invitations at happyinvitation

bridesmaid dresses uk


Overcoat and scarf winter outfit

Winter is colder and colder, warm and fashion is both important for winter outfits. A thick overcoat plus a beautiful scarf, get out of cold but chic fashion same time.


But do you know how to choose scarf for your warm overcoat?

  1. How to choose Color of scarf:

Basic rule of outfit color, don’t over 3 colors together. So the best color of scarf is similar or same as your clothes, very comfortable combination. Black, white, grey these basic color scarf, classic and easy matching, never out of fashion, worth to get one.


Camel color is the color of fall and winter, if you don’t have an overcoat in camel color, buy a camel scarf, easily to get high –class quality.


Except these colors, use red color scarf to light up your whole outfit;


Vintage plaid, charming and elegant, popular loved.  


  1. How to wear Scarf:

Side on the shoulder, tender elegance; length of the scarf is completely arbitrary;


Cross one circle loose, increase layered, lazy vintage charming. Most of important your face will look smaller;


Layer on shoulder, most easy way dressing scarf, elegant and unconventional assaulted me.



Open the scarf, cover on your overcoat, delicate beauty.


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Visual Feast of Wedding Gowns and Cakes

Wedding cake inspirations from Haute couture build a fairy tale dream of the happy woman on the day.
The wedding cakes custom with your wedding gowns is so delicate, drape, lace, beading, embroidery, fresh flowers, diamond, skills of making haute couture used on making wedding cakes, they make your unique wedding dream come true.

visual-feast-of-wedding-gowns-and-cakes couture dress and same wedding cakes perfect combination of wedding gowns and cakes

Custom your wedding invitations at with your wedding gowns too as wedding cakes, so amazing!

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