How to Wear Pink Color

Pink color, the popular color of 2016, soft pink, gentle pink, vintage pink, all make you different. What a pity if you don’t try pink color. Now let’s see how to match pink on you?

NO.1 Pink Shirt + pencil skirt, simple and vital, elegant and grace;

The pink color with fluorescence color doesn’t for Asian girls, they will make your skin tone darker, instead flesh pink color will soft your skin tone make you look more elegance.


NO.2 Pink T-shirt and Blouse;

Pink + Green is a very good color combination, advanced elegance and quality;pink-and-green

Pink T-shirt with black loose pant, simple and capable and experienced, business suit without depressing;


Pink T-shirt with Jean pencil pant, plus white shoes, fresh and vital;


Pink hoodie with Jean and white shoes, preppy style!


NO.3 Pink Overskirt

Vintage point shirt with pink pencil skirt and black hollow high heel roman, sandal, how lady style!


White shirt match pink pleated skirt, fresh and beautiful, with a pair of white shoes, more causal.


Empire waist puff pink skirt, you look taller and skinnier.


NO.4 Pink Dresses, especially pink lace dresses, pretty and girly.



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NO.5 Pink Trousers

Pink and white, simple and fresh color matching, not only pink over skirt but also pink trousers white shirt is simple but fashion!


Even tailored suit in pink color is also full of energy; different from traditional suit’s dull and dry.



Most Two Fashion Colors for Woman

The most two fashion colors for woman and girls all over the world are blue and white. Match blue and white together, very classic fashion. So chic for street out!

blue and white outfits of celebrity

Classic fashion daily outfit in blue and white color:

  • White Shirts and Denim Skirt
  • daily-outfit-of-white-shirts-and-denim-skirt
  • Blue Shirt and White Legging
  • blue-shirt-and-white-legging-outfit
  • White Vest and Light Blue Jeans
  • white-vest-and-light-blue-jeans-daily-wear
  • White Shirts and Light Blue Jeans
  • white-shirts-and-light-blue-jeans-outfit
  • White T-shirt and Denim Shorts; Tie white t-shirt a bow knot, chic fashion.
  • white-t-shirt-and-denim-shorts
  • White T-shirt with tight jeans, very simple matching, but so fashion, and with a pair of boot, very stylish.
  • white-t-shirt-and-tight-jeans-with-boots 

Blue and white color in prom party:


            white prom dresses / blue prom dresses


How to Wear Bodysuit Beautiful

Styles of bodysuit include spaghetti, halter and deep v-neck, strappy on bust, easy to math, chic and cold on summer season.

Basic matching style:

  1. With Jean/ half skirt for usual. You will get surprise, feel of fashion, fashion and fashion;    basic-bodysuit-with-jeans-and-skirts
  2. With sport skirt, sport shoes, full of youthful vitality;wear-bodysuit-in-sport-style
  3. With tassels scarf, easy relax bohemian romantic style;wear-bodysuit-in-bohemian-style
  4. With fitted skirts, an formal occasion dress is done, elegant and femininity;bodysuit-can-be-worn-in-formal-style

Upgrade matching ideas:

  1. With sheer dress, bodysuit can be used as undershirt and safety pants, implicit show off beautiful body curve for formal occasion, street style, and music festival;bodysuit-with-sheer-dresses
  2. Dark color bodysuit and sheer dress, not reveal, but beautiful;dark-color-bodysuit-with-dark-sheer-dress
  3. If you are confident with your body shape, show it off with sexy lace bodysuit;sexy-lace-bodysuit
  4. With fur coat covered, bodysuit can be worn to a themed party, luxury and dissipation feeling at once;
  5. With leather and mesh stocking, if you are fan of Hippy.fantastic-bodysuit-matching
  6. It sudden to my mind is it OK to have bodysuit inner your prom dresses, it will be very funny.

Chic Fashion Bodysuit

Are you wondering why they can wear spaghetti-strapped so beautiful, the cloth like one part of their body.


In fact, they’re wearing Bodysuit, looks line one-piece swimwear. And do you know what Bodysuit is?


It is not new fashion trends, in early 50S; it is one of the representative apparel. Brigitte Bardot makes people know her well with Bodysuit. And super model Alison Arboux took photo with Bodysuit in front of Eiffel Tower to pay her respects to Brigitte Bardot.


Now day, speaking to Bodysuit, Beyonce is the one has to be talked, she worn various Bodysuit almost every vocal concert; and Lady Gaga, Bodysuit is he must have, no matter formal occasion or street shopping.


Besides, Taylor Swift, sparkle everyone on MTV Awards with Bodysuit.


Why everybody loves bodysuit, most important reason is Bodysuit is so fitness, length your legs.

You don’t need to feel awkward when sorting clothes in front of your boyfriend.

Your style won’t destroy even with difficult action.

It’s easy to go to toilet with its humanization design on crotch.


But if you are a big bust girl, choose bodysuit careful.


How to Match Denim Coat Beautiful

A denim coat is a very popular suit between fashion young girls. It is the good clothes in later spring and early summer. It is chic style that has lots of matching ideas.

LOOK 1 Denim coat outer and T-SHIRT Inner;

Denim Jacket and basic T-shirt is a super combination, full of vitality. With pencil pant or jeans bottom, you look youthful spirit.

denim coat with basic T-shirt

LOOK 2 Denim coat and pencil pant;

Simple is also a fashion attitude, without complicate dressing, a tight pencil pant and an oversize denim coat together, fashion and young.

oversize denim coat with black panties

LOOK 3 All black;

Classic self-colored denim coat, vintage feeling, plus black base shirt and black pencil pant, also black shoes, beautiful and cool. Most of important, you will look five pound skinny.


LOOK 4 match it with overskirt;

denim coat with half skirt

LOOK 5 with jeans;

As fan of Jeans, it won’t be wrong match denim coat with a jean, fashion and chic!

denim coat and jeans

LOOK 6 Denim coat and short top;

It is so hot to wear a short top at spring and summer. If you don’t have firm-abs, a denim coat outside could help to cover it.

denim coat with short top

LOOK 7 White dress and Denim coat;

It is not special with only wear white dress, but it will be very different with a denim coat,fresh and sweet and also with a feeling of hale. You are a fashionista at once.

denim coat with white dress

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Basic Fashion Denim Coat You Must Have

Spring is coming and recent weather fluctuated a bit. At this time an easy wear FASHION wearable and warm DENIM jacket is very necessary that we here highly recommended! Though it is normal, stars and the swisher all love it ~. As a fashion girl, you need to focus on this year’s denim clothing popular trend?


Style Recommend:

NO.1 Fringed Denim Jackets:

Not only jeans having a fringe, but also jacket; A denim jacket with fringed is retro and wild, help to solve the problem if you don’t know how to wear for the larger temperature difference, and it is more chic than normal Denim jacket.


NO.2 Badge denim jacket

The denim jacket is the handsome style clothes, plus badge design on the chest, more handsome. If you are fashion girls, then there is no reason not to try this, cool product. You can also select different badges to show your character, and you can also DIY to have a unique denim jacket on the world.


NO.3 Hole on the Denim jacket

Hole denim clothing is so much street sense, casual, natural that girls cannot resist whims. It is so cool to wear a denim jacket with hole, on the street you are the memorable signs.


NO.4 Big Hole Denim Jacket

Top Punk fans, super old denim jacket design is absolutely necessary.

NO.5 Oversize Denim Jacket

Oversized denim jacket with simple bottoms are all taller and skinner. Don’t miss this style for it can cover your disadvantage but show off your advantage.


NO.6 Printed Denim Jacket

It is not going wrong to have a back printed denim jacket if you don’t know what to wear to go outside like many stars and fashion blogger.


NO.7 Long Denim Jacket

Long denim jacket is an unusual style, but it is the best fashion street style with its effect to look like taller and skinner; Choose as simple as you can to match a long denim jacket is a wise ideas.



The color trends of 2015: Marsala is still at our side, 2016 spring is coming. Dear all it is time to get your wardrobe shopping list.

Top 1 color of 2016 SPRING:

Coral, a light pink color with cream, it is the new trends of this season; it is good choice of neutral color with fresh and mystery to catch eyes;



Top2 color of 2016 spring:

Burgundy, one color of red, it is the very important role of 2016 women’s dress since a few years ago;


Top 3 color of 2016 spring:

Indigo, the mixture of blue and purple, it is a new choice of people who loves navy blue;


Top 4 color:

Dark teal, it is a new fashion color with vintage, good at plus fresh feeling of women’s dress;


Top 5:

Persimmon, the dark horse of 2016 spring and summer, it looks like orange mix pink, smells of vigor of youth;


Top 6:

Hazy taupe, a dark gray color, a handsome neutral color;


Top 7 color:

Moonstone blue, an exciting new fashion color in cool tone;


Top 8 color of 2016 spring and summer:

Blue hydrangea color for profession clothing;


Top 9 color trends:

Lemon chiffon, cute and mature; elegant and natural, passion and energy like Sun;


Top 10 2016 color trends:

Periwinkle, also a mixture bright color of blue and purple; it is one of the popular blue color of this season.


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