Ankle Cuff You Should Have One This Year

Choker is already very popular and accepts by most of us, and we all know fashion is never endless, and now Ankle cuff comes, it is more fashion than choker.

new ankle bracelet fashion trends

It will be expensive to buy new trends shoes with ankle cuff; instead we can buy some anklet, simple normal high heels will become eye-catching at once easily.

ankle bracelets

And you don’t need to insist at mesh stocking and sneakers, mesh stockings ankle bracelet high heels is the new trend of the bellwether.

mesh stocking+ ankle bracelet+ high heels

You must be very curious about how to match ankle bracelet and shoes. Summarize the experience of fashionista, the best is Mules, no matter high heel or flat, toe open or not; and basic style shoes is good friends too.

mules and anklet

Considerate body shape of our normal, the best length is floor length or ninth length (long dresses or ninth pants, the ankle cuff on your ankle will be the surprise of your whole outfit.

best length to match ankle cuff