Overcoat and scarf winter outfit

Winter is colder and colder, warm and fashion is both important for winter outfits. A thick overcoat plus a beautiful scarf, get out of cold but chic fashion same time.


But do you know how to choose scarf for your warm overcoat?

  1. How to choose Color of scarf:

Basic rule of outfit color, don’t over 3 colors together. So the best color of scarf is similar or same as your clothes, very comfortable combination. Black, white, grey these basic color scarf, classic and easy matching, never out of fashion, worth to get one.


Camel color is the color of fall and winter, if you don’t have an overcoat in camel color, buy a camel scarf, easily to get high –class quality.


Except these colors, use red color scarf to light up your whole outfit;


Vintage plaid, charming and elegant, popular loved.  


  1. How to wear Scarf:

Side on the shoulder, tender elegance; length of the scarf is completely arbitrary;


Cross one circle loose, increase layered, lazy vintage charming. Most of important your face will look smaller;


Layer on shoulder, most easy way dressing scarf, elegant and unconventional assaulted me.



Open the scarf, cover on your overcoat, delicate beauty.


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How to Choose Wedding Dresses Neckline by Face

wedding dresses for oval face

Hello, every the future Mrs., do you already know how to perfect yourself with your wedding dresses on the big day.

chic wedding dresses

Today, let’s share how to choose wedding dresses by face.

Oval, the most perfect face, traditional beautiful face, the brides who have this face type don’t need to cover anything, any wedding dresses with any neckline will be good for them. Lucky is your word.

wedding dresses for oval face

Round face, the outline is large and full, need to lengthen the face. V-neck Wedding dresses and formal dresses is the proper choice.

v-neck wedding dresses for round face

Long face, a stylish bang would shorten your face in vision. Off the shoulder wedding dresses is good for show the beauty of long face.

off the shoulder wedding dresses for long face

Diamond, the face with narrow palate and mandible, cover palate with bang, fluffy temples, change diamond face to inverse triangle, then they will no limit to choose wedding dresses.

wedding dresses for diamond face

Square face, strong angel face, a U shape neckline will relax the wide outline. Square not wide, full of personality.

U neckline wedding dresses for Square face