Overcoat and scarf winter outfit

Winter is colder and colder, warm and fashion is both important for winter outfits. A thick overcoat plus a beautiful scarf, get out of cold but chic fashion same time.


But do you know how to choose scarf for your warm overcoat?

  1. How to choose Color of scarf:

Basic rule of outfit color, don’t over 3 colors together. So the best color of scarf is similar or same as your clothes, very comfortable combination. Black, white, grey these basic color scarf, classic and easy matching, never out of fashion, worth to get one.


Camel color is the color of fall and winter, if you don’t have an overcoat in camel color, buy a camel scarf, easily to get high –class quality.


Except these colors, use red color scarf to light up your whole outfit;


Vintage plaid, charming and elegant, popular loved.  


  1. How to wear Scarf:

Side on the shoulder, tender elegance; length of the scarf is completely arbitrary;


Cross one circle loose, increase layered, lazy vintage charming. Most of important your face will look smaller;


Layer on shoulder, most easy way dressing scarf, elegant and unconventional assaulted me.



Open the scarf, cover on your overcoat, delicate beauty.


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How to Wear Bodysuit Beautiful

Styles of bodysuit include spaghetti, halter and deep v-neck, strappy on bust, easy to math, chic and cold on summer season.

Basic matching style:

  1. With Jean/ half skirt for usual. You will get surprise, feel of fashion, fashion and fashion;    basic-bodysuit-with-jeans-and-skirts
  2. With sport skirt, sport shoes, full of youthful vitality;wear-bodysuit-in-sport-style
  3. With tassels scarf, easy relax bohemian romantic style;wear-bodysuit-in-bohemian-style
  4. With fitted skirts, an formal occasion dress is done, elegant and femininity;bodysuit-can-be-worn-in-formal-style

Upgrade matching ideas:

  1. With sheer dress, bodysuit can be used as undershirt and safety pants, implicit show off beautiful body curve for formal occasion, street style, and music festival;bodysuit-with-sheer-dresses
  2. Dark color bodysuit and sheer dress, not reveal, but beautiful;dark-color-bodysuit-with-dark-sheer-dress
  3. If you are confident with your body shape, show it off with sexy lace bodysuit;sexy-lace-bodysuit
  4. With fur coat covered, bodysuit can be worn to a themed party, luxury and dissipation feeling at once;
  5. With leather and mesh stocking, if you are fan of Hippy.fantastic-bodysuit-matching
  6. It sudden to my mind is it OK to have bodysuit inner your prom dresses, it will be very funny.

How to Match Denim Coat Beautiful

A denim coat is a very popular suit between fashion young girls. It is the good clothes in later spring and early summer. It is chic style that has lots of matching ideas.

LOOK 1 Denim coat outer and T-SHIRT Inner;

Denim Jacket and basic T-shirt is a super combination, full of vitality. With pencil pant or jeans bottom, you look youthful spirit.

denim coat with basic T-shirt

LOOK 2 Denim coat and pencil pant;

Simple is also a fashion attitude, without complicate dressing, a tight pencil pant and an oversize denim coat together, fashion and young.

oversize denim coat with black panties

LOOK 3 All black;

Classic self-colored denim coat, vintage feeling, plus black base shirt and black pencil pant, also black shoes, beautiful and cool. Most of important, you will look five pound skinny.


LOOK 4 match it with overskirt;

denim coat with half skirt

LOOK 5 with jeans;

As fan of Jeans, it won’t be wrong match denim coat with a jean, fashion and chic!

denim coat and jeans

LOOK 6 Denim coat and short top;

It is so hot to wear a short top at spring and summer. If you don’t have firm-abs, a denim coat outside could help to cover it.

denim coat with short top

LOOK 7 White dress and Denim coat;

It is not special with only wear white dress, but it will be very different with a denim coat,fresh and sweet and also with a feeling of hale. You are a fashionista at once.

denim coat with white dress

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