Wear Beautiful Bow

It is time to change your wardrobe to welcome spring, and then why not start with beautiful bows from head to toe.

cute bows on hair

  1. Hair band:

As a girl, it is necessary to learn to how to use bow knot on hair (slender or thick), it can be simply cute, it also can be charming sexy. What? You don’t have any hair band, don’t worry scarves also OK. Now tie up your hair with bows casual, enjoy the happy tea time with friends. hairstyles with bowknot

  1. Necklace and choker:

Speak of beauty of women, jewelry can’t be ignored. Bowknot on collar delicate full of girly.  Chokers in bow shape cute and cool, perfect for girls. And here comes, ribbon can be choker too, you will look more charming.

beautiful choker in bow shape

  1. Sleeves:

In fashion, designer love the bows, not just limited to hair and neck. No matter reveal or not reveal, you will surprise others with bows on the sleeves.

bows on sleeves

  1. Back:

Bows on back is the most popular details this year, it is mystique.

V shape Open back with bow tie up, No women can refuse it, SEXY AND ELEGANT, perfect for a dating.

open back shirt with bow knot tie up

  1. Shoes:

If you want to catch eyes unusual, consider a pair of shoes with bowknot.

shoes with bows

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How to Match Denim Coat Beautiful

A denim coat is a very popular suit between fashion young girls. It is the good clothes in later spring and early summer. It is chic style that has lots of matching ideas.

LOOK 1 Denim coat outer and T-SHIRT Inner;

Denim Jacket and basic T-shirt is a super combination, full of vitality. With pencil pant or jeans bottom, you look youthful spirit.

denim coat with basic T-shirt

LOOK 2 Denim coat and pencil pant;

Simple is also a fashion attitude, without complicate dressing, a tight pencil pant and an oversize denim coat together, fashion and young.

oversize denim coat with black panties

LOOK 3 All black;

Classic self-colored denim coat, vintage feeling, plus black base shirt and black pencil pant, also black shoes, beautiful and cool. Most of important, you will look five pound skinny.


LOOK 4 match it with overskirt;

denim coat with half skirt

LOOK 5 with jeans;

As fan of Jeans, it won’t be wrong match denim coat with a jean, fashion and chic!

denim coat and jeans

LOOK 6 Denim coat and short top;

It is so hot to wear a short top at spring and summer. If you don’t have firm-abs, a denim coat outside could help to cover it.

denim coat with short top

LOOK 7 White dress and Denim coat;

It is not special with only wear white dress, but it will be very different with a denim coat,fresh and sweet and also with a feeling of hale. You are a fashionista at once.

denim coat with white dress

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