Valentino Shadow Killer

So beautiful shadow killer with sheer back on show of Valentino, Mystique!
valentino-sheer-back-killeramazing-shadow-killershadow-killer-with-black-illusion-back-dressshadow killer with floral sheer dress

Time to get yourself a mystique sheer back prom dresses now.


Most Two Fashion Colors for Woman

The most two fashion colors for woman and girls all over the world are blue and white. Match blue and white together, very classic fashion. So chic for street out!

blue and white outfits of celebrity

Classic fashion daily outfit in blue and white color:

  • White Shirts and Denim Skirt
  • daily-outfit-of-white-shirts-and-denim-skirt
  • Blue Shirt and White Legging
  • blue-shirt-and-white-legging-outfit
  • White Vest and Light Blue Jeans
  • white-vest-and-light-blue-jeans-daily-wear
  • White Shirts and Light Blue Jeans
  • white-shirts-and-light-blue-jeans-outfit
  • White T-shirt and Denim Shorts; Tie white t-shirt a bow knot, chic fashion.
  • white-t-shirt-and-denim-shorts
  • White T-shirt with tight jeans, very simple matching, but so fashion, and with a pair of boot, very stylish.
  • white-t-shirt-and-tight-jeans-with-boots 

Blue and white color in prom party:


            white prom dresses / blue prom dresses


Perfect Hairstyles for Prom Dresses

loosy back natural-up hairstyle for romantic prom dresses

Prom party is a very important occasion for junior and senior students, everything need to be perfect. Perfect prom dresses, perfect make up, perfect hairstyle, perfect jewelry. Perfect is necessary, but matching is also important. Following are the tips of perfect hairstyles for prom dresses.

First, loose curly hairstyle for lace prom dresses, it can maximize your potential femininity and strengthen it;

curly poofy hairstyle for lace prom dresses

High Low White Lace Prom Dresses/ Short Black Lace Prom Dresses

Second, black long straight hairstyle is the spotlight of metallic prom dresses;

black long straight hairstyle for metalic prom dresses

Sparkle Sliver Metallic Prom Dresses

Loose Back natural-up hairstyle for romantic prom dresses;

loosy back natural-up hairstyle for romantic prom dresses

Romantic Pastel Pink Prom Dresses

Inward bun, a vintage hairstyle for retro prom dresses;

inward bun for vintage prom dresses

Retro Wine Ruffled Long Ball Gown

Aulic slicked back hairstyle also for vintage prom dresses;

aulic slicked back hairstyle

Cute Retro Lace Short Blue Prom Dresses

Slippy heave hairstyle for a light flowing prom dresses;

slippy heave hairstyle for light flowing prom dresses

Pretty Lavender Flowing Short Party Dresses

Boy style short hair, you need a curve prom dress for balance;

short boylish hair balance curve prom dresses

Glitter Pink Mermaid Prom Dresses

Side fluffy wave for one shoulder prom dresses.

fluffy side wave for one shoulder prom dress

Sparkle Sequin One Shoulder Prom Dresses

Find Perfect Prom Dresses Flatter Your Figure

prom dresses for apple-shaped girls

There’s always a dress prepared for you no matter you’re tall or short, petite or plus size, flat or curvy. What you need to do knows your body type.

If you are Busty Girls, wants to hide big bust, then the dress with high neckline or Grecian one shoulder really well better choice; they won’t squeeze your breasts at same time create a massive amount of cleavage.prom dresses for busty girls

If you have curvy bodies, traditional princess ball gowns or form-fitting with sweetheart/ strapless neckline can show off your bust, hip. A full length prom dress within natural and drop waist will be your wise choice.

princess prom gowns for curve bodice

Click for the Sparkle sweetheart long Nude Prom Dress

If your body shape is Pear-Shaped, waist and shoulder is where you can show off, but high and thighs need to be hiding. A strapless prom dress with cinched waistline (not empire waist), flares out at hips and thighs are good consideration.

If you want to draw attention up and away from your middle, chose a dress with an interesting neckline. Keep the focus up top with ruffles, rosettes and sparkle. Halter and one-shoulder necklines work exceptionally well for pear-shape girls.

prom dresses for pear-shaped gilrs

If you are Apple-Shape Girls, try empire waist prom dresses in the fabric mesh, chiffon and loose satin; Full length is better than short, but if you want a short skirt or weather is hot, goes for knee-length or tea-length hems.

prom dresses for apple-shaped girls

Click for the Pastel Pink Prom Dresses/ Light Blue Halter Prom Dresses

If you are Short Girls, stay away from large long tulle gowns to avoid overwhelms your figure. Prom Dresses in Mini length with high heels are perfect partner for short girls.

Anyway, if the party code is formal, a long dress maybe more suitable, try sleek body-hugging prom dresses.

prom dresses for short girls

If you are a lucky tall girls, emphasize your long silhouette with floor-length fitted dresses; avoiding attention to board shoulder by one shoulder or straps or jewel-tone neckline.

perfect ptom dresses for tall girls

How to Make Yourself Awesome in Prom Photos

learn to pose from supermodel

Prom will be one of the most important memories of ours, and photos are the proof of it, so you must make yourself look perfect in these photos, there will be no regret when you look back on your prom photos for years to come.

cute girls in prom party

Let’s following super models and photographers to learn how to look very best in every prom photo you take:

learn to pose from supermodel

DOS: Pose with confidence, like you’re wearing the most expensive prom dresses like a popular star. Elongate your neck, straightening your spine and keeping your shoulders back and down slightly, tilt your shoulder blades slightly toward each other.

DON’T slouch;

beautiful prom dresses with perfect pose

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A hand on the hip and a slight knee bend is easy to pop into if you suddenly into the camera of your mom or your friends; it is also the most popular red carpet poses.

DON’ T cross your arms in front of you. It closes you off and hides your dress.

the easiest way to pop into with prom dresses

If you want to show off your curves, look head-on into the camera, then pivot so your butt is facing the camera as well, with head tossed over your shoulder, so one side of your cheek would be pointing toward the lens; this pose can work for all body shape.

show off curve pose in prom dresses

If you’re rocking a high-low hem prom dresses or there is a slit on your dress, and you want to show off your legs, kick up your leg, subtly lay your hands on your thighs.

show off legs pose with slit or high low prom dress

The best model poses show off your best side and the design of your dress; hope these help take your photos from so-so to ultra-glam.